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Ruel Taylor (Owner/Instructor)

Ruel Taylor (Owner/Instructor) photo Ruel Taylor (Owner/Instructor)

Ruel Taylor is no stranger to hard work and an athletic lifestyle. He has had the privilege to
experience a high school football state championship as both a player and a coach. He has also
cemented himself among a small percentage of athletes to play football at the professional
level for the NIFL. After sports were done for Ruel he decided to dive headfirst into the world of
coaching and mentoring both youth and adult athletes ranging from grade school basketball to
high school football and even martial arts. Ruel has been a part of molding multiple National
champions and World champions in Muay Thai over the last 10 years including himself who won
the TBA Classic National Tournament in 2015. To add to his coaching resume Ruel also is a
member of United States Air Force in which he taught hand to hand combatives for a period of
time. At the end of the day, Ruel is a father and husband to a family deeply rooted in Muay Thai.
His wife Destiny is also a coach and multiple time National and International Champion. She
was selected for WKA Team USA and WAKO Team USA and fought at the World Championship in Italy in 2021. His son Jaden is a multiple time National Champion and IFMA World Champion, his daughter Morgan is a National Champion, and his youngest daughter Havana is just starting her Martial Arts career. Since having the opportunity to coach, Ruel has dedicated himself to keeping the
program and culture of Muay Thai in Kalamazoo intact and sharing his love of the Art of 8
Limbs with all those who come through the door. Come join our family!